Top rated Career Web Sites for youngsters and Teens


Job assessments and medical tests help you explore just who you. Career textbooks and web sites supply you with a glimpse of the world for work. Free position information is available about web sites. Some copy writers have written specifics for children and teenage years. We would like to share a number of information with you. All these web sites use design, multimedia presentation, functions, and other techniques to grow our knowledge of employment opportunities. We have written information about seventeen (17) internet sites. Here are the a number of different types of exploring opportunities web sites:


Normal Career Information

Discipline Career Clusters

Precise Science Careers

Programs Web Sites

Curriculum websites provide activities, exams, guidelines, as well as profession information.

Resource A single: Career Cruiser

Form: Florida Department about Education

The Career Easy riding bike is a career survey guidebook for mid school students. Position Cruiser has self applied assessment activities to check personal interests so that you can careers. The Career Casual riding has information on Netherlands Codes. Careers are generally grouped into fourth there’s 16 career clusters. Position Cruiser has information concerning occupational descriptions, common earnings, and minimum amount educational level important for the job.

Teacher’s Guideline is also available.

Aid Two: Elementary Central Career Connection

Resource: Utah State Place of work of Education

The main Core Career Internet connections is a collection of usage activities, K to six, and 7 to eight, designed by teachers, therapists, and parents. Each score level has training activities that line-up directly with the Ut State Core. This kind of instructional resource gives a framework for lecturers, counselors, and parents in order to integrate career consciousness with the elementary as well as middle level standard students.

Career Data Web Sites

Some web pages provide excellent job information. Some sites list facts about career tasks, wages, occupation outlook, interests, instruction, and more.

Resource A few: Career Voyages

Supply: U. S. Dept of Labor as well as U. S. Division of Education

Position Voyages web site is often a Career Exploration website online for Elementary School scholars. The Career Voyages website has information about the using industries:

Advanced Making




Financial Services



Information Technology



Aerospace and then the “BioGeoNano” Technologies

Reference Four: Career Vessel

Source: New York Assert Department of Toil

Career Ship is usually a free online career quest tool for center and high school students.
Occupation Ship uses The low countries Codes and the O*NET Career Exploration Instruments. For each career, Employment Ship provides the right after information:



Career outlook





Similar careers

Vocation Ship is a merchandise of Mapping The future, a public assistance web site providing employment, college, financial aid, and also financial literacy material and services.


Source: New York Say Department of Cooperate

Career Zone is known as a career exploration along with planning system. Work Zone has an review activity that pinpoints Holland Codes. Position Zone provides info on 900 careers in the new O*NET Data bank, the latest labor market place information from the NYS Department of Work and interactive vocation portfolios for midsection and high school students of which connect to the NYS Education Department Profession Plan initiative. Job Zone has back links to college exploration in addition to planning resources, 600 career videos, cv builder, reference record maker, and resume cover letter application.

Resource Five: Destination 2020

Origin: Canada Career Pool

Destination 2020 will help youth discover how every day tasks can help these people build skills they might need to face the various challenges of the employed pool.

Skills are related to:

School Subjects

Various School Activities

Participate in Activities At Home

Home work

Through quizzes, actions and articles, some may actually find some advice or, at least, some direction about their foreseeable future. There are more than 190 profiles of real persons who are describing exactly what a university day at work is a lot like for them.

Resource Several: What Do You Like

Reference: Bureau of Labour Statistics

What Do You want is the Bureau associated with Labor Statistics’ Occupation web site for kids. The web page provides career info for students in Qualities 4 to 8. In accordance with the Bureau of Job Statistics, most of the stuff on the site has been taken from the Bureau’s Work-related Outlook Handbook, work guidance publication intended for adults and uppr level high school students the fact that describes the job obligations, working conditions, teaching requirements, earnings quantities, and employment prospective customers of hundreds of employment. Careers are put to interests and hobbies. From the Teacher’s Guide, there are actually twelve categories and the corresponding occupations.

Technology Career Clusters

A number of organizations have created internet websites that feature discipline careers.

Resource 8-10: EEK! Get a Job The environmental Education for Kids

Supplier: Wisconsin Department regarding Natural Resources

Eek! Get a Job Environmental Knowledge for Kids is an electronic digital magazine for kids for grades 4 to eight. Eek! Get a Job supplies information about:





Playground Ranger

Wildlife Biologist

Park Naturalist

The good news is job description per career, a list of task activities, suggested routines to begin exploring employment, and needed employment skills.

Resource Seven: GetTech

Source: Domestic Association of Suppliers, Center for Employed pool Success, U. Ings. Department of Marketing, and U. Beds Department of Crews

Get Tech can be described as educational web site to provide CAREER EXPLORATION details.
Get Tech seems to have information about the following market sectors:

New Manufacturing


Engineering and Alternative Technology

Biotechnology plus Chemistry

Health and Drugs

Arts & Layout

Within each space, there are examples of career.

Each career page gives:

General detailed description


Number of people utilized to job

Variety of jobs available in the

Place of work

Level of education essential

Location of training courses: University Pharmacy Courses.

Courses needed

There’s a Get Tech Teacher’s Guide.

Resource Eight: LifeWorks

Source: Nationalized Institutes of Well being, Office of Research Education

LifeWorks is really a career exploration site for middle and even high school students. LifeWorks offers information on more than hundred medical science together with health careers. Per each career, LifeWorks gets the following information:


Education required

Fascination area

Median wage

True stories of folks that do the different work opportunities

LifeWorks has a Employment Finder that allows you to look for by Name involving Job, Interest Spot, Education Required, or maybe Salary.

Resource 12: San Diego Zoo Occupation Profiles for Kids

Base: San Diego Zoo

Together with Zoo Job User profiles discussed jobs for individuals that:

Work with animals

Support plants

Work with technology and conservation

Assist people

Work in order to run the Wildlife and Park

There are actually activities listed underneath each area, such as:

What we do

What is amazing about this job

Position challenges

How this kind of job helps wildlife

How to get a job this way

Practice Being a…

How to get a…

Resource 14: Scientists in Action!

Form: U. S. Section of the Interior

Professionals in Action features summaries of the lives of folks involved in careers during the natural sciences:

Mapping the planets

Testing the ocean floors

Protecting wildlife

Projecting volcanic eruptions

Source Twelve: Want To Be the Scientist?

Source: Lawn Research Service, You. S. Department on the Agriculture

Want To Be any Scientist is a work exploration web site for children about 8 to be able to 13 years old. Need to be a Scientist carries a series of job grammar, stories, and other solutions about what scientists undertake here at the ARS.

These stories incorporate information about:

Plant Pathologist


Soil Academic


Animal Man of science


Plant Physiologist

Specific Science Employment opportunities

The last group of webpages is dedicated to delivering information on specific research careers, for example vets,

Resource Thirteen: Related to Veterinarians

Source: Usa Veterinary Medical Connection

About Veterinarians provides facts about:

What is a Vet?

Becoming a Veterinarian

Finding a job Decision

What Personalized Abilities Does a Animal medical practitioner Need?

What Are the Pros and cons of a Veterinary Vocation?

Veterinary Education

Overall Information

After Commencement From Veterinary Education

General Information

The school Statistics

Preparation Tips

Preveterinary Coursework

Wheresoever Most Schools Are Located

Around School Accreditation

The actual Phases of Specialized Study

The Specialized medical Curriculum

The Academic Expertise

Roles of Vets

Private Practice

Instructing and Research

Company Medicine

Public Health

Uniformed Services

Private Sector

Employment Outlook

Job Forecast

The Advantage of Focused


Greatest Probable Growth Areas

Some other Professional Directions

AVMA Veterinary Career Core

Becoming a Veterinary Technician

Your job in Veterinary Engineering

Duties and Tasks

Career Opportunities

Instruction Required

Distance Learning


Professional Regulations


Further Information

Resource 18: Aquarium Careers

Resource: Monterey Bay Tank

Aquarium Careers characteristics careers information. For any Staff Profiles, there may be Educational Background and Competencies Needed. The Staff Background include:


Learning Specialist

Exhibits Administrator

Exhibit Designer

Study Biologist

Science Copy writer

The Aquarium Opportunities web site answers the below questions:

What do i need to do now to arrange for a career within marine biology?

Which is where can I find a good college or university for marine the field of biology?

What should be this college major?

Just how do i pick a graduate institution?

I’m not sure connected with my area of interest. Just what exactly should I do?

Ocean Science Career Solutions include information on:

Maritime Advanced Technology Degree

Marine Mammal Hub, California

Scripps Company of Oceanography, Florida

Scripps Library

Seashore Grant

Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Stop

State University of recent York at Flinty, pebbly Brook

Resource Twelve to fifteen: Engineering The Precautionary Profession

Source: Learn Engineering

Engineering The particular Stealth Profession provides extensive of information about manuacturers:

Types of Engineers

Empty space Engineering

Ceramic/Materials Technological know-how

Chemical Engineering

Educado Engineering

Electrical/Computer Anatomist

Environmental Engineering

Economic Engineering

Manufacturing Architectural

Mechanical Engineering

Additional Engineers

True Testimonies


Education Essential

Work Schedules

Equipment Employed

Resource Sixteen: Ocean Grant Marine Employment

Source: Marine Career

Sea Grant Underwater Careers gives you info about marine career career fields and to people getting work done in those fields. Marine Grant Marine Professions outlines information on:

Boat Biology


Water Engineering

Related Career fields

In each vicinity, there is a detailed account of the type of the project that the scientists conduct. There are feature testimonies for different scientists on the career field.

Position profiles include info about:

What is your current occupation and what does it require?

What was the key take into account your career decision?

What / things you like most with your career?

What do you want least about your position?

What do you do to relax?

Which are your heroes/heroines?

What precisely advice would you give you a high school student who seem to expressed an interest inside pursuing a career in the field?

Are profession opportunities in your discipline increasing or regressing and why?

What’s going you be undertaking 10 years from right now?

What is the salary selection?

Resource Seventeen: Might you Become a Volcanologist?

Supply: Volcano World

Can you Become a Volcanologist? supplies the following descriptions:

Your message Volcanologist

Daily job

Traits for success



Career web-sites help you build understanding the different aspects of professions: the tasks, wages, job outlook, interests, learning, knowledge, and knowledge. We know that you will be entertaining exploring careers.