Top notch Career Web Sites for the children and Teens


Employment assessments and exams help you explore who seem to you. Career novels and web sites offer glimpse of the world regarding work. Free vocation information is available at web sites. Some practitioners have written truth for children and adolescence. We would like to share various information with you. Such web sites use sharp graphics, multimedia presentation, things to do, and other techniques to widen our knowledge of jobs. We have written info on seventeen (17) internet sites. Here are the nearly four different types of exploring employment opportunities web sites:


Overall Career Information

Scientific discipline Career Clusters

Specified Science Careers

Kits Web Sites

Curriculum websites provide activities, studies, guidelines, as well as work information.

Resource You: Career Cruiser

Supplier: Florida Department involving Education

The Career Easy riding bike is a career quest guidebook for middle section school students. Position Cruiser has person assessment activities to correspond with personal interests that will careers. The Career Casual riding has information on The netherlands Codes. Careers happen to be grouped into 07 career clusters. Position Cruiser has info about occupational descriptions, general earnings, and the bare minimum educational level important for the job.

Teacher’s Direct is also available.

Source of information Two: Elementary Major Career Connection

Base: Utah State Home office of Education

The exact Core Career Links is a collection of tutorial activities, K to six, and 7 to eight, designed by teachers, consultants, and parents. Each standard level has easy-guide activities that lay low directly with the Ut State Core. This unique instructional resource the framework for college, counselors, and parents towards integrate career level of sensitivity with the elementary as well as middle level mark students.

Career Material Web Sites

Some web pages provide excellent position information. Some sites list facts about employment tasks, wages, profession outlook, interests, learning, and more.

Resource A couple of: Career Voyages

Form: U. S. Unit of Labor and then the U. S. Area of Education

Position Voyages web site can be a Career Exploration web-site for Elementary School young people. The Career Voyages webpage has information about the right after industries:

Advanced Development



Electric power

Financial Services

Health reform


Information Technology

List price


Aerospace and also “BioGeoNano” Technologies

Tool Four: Career Yacht

Source: New York Say Department of Labour

Career Ship is often a free online career discovery tool for heart and high school students.
Vocation Ship uses Netherlands Codes and the O*NET Career Exploration Software. For each career, Work Ship provides the sticking with information:



Career outlook





Similar careers

Position Ship is a supplement of Mapping The future, a public service plan web site providing job, college, financial aid, and also financial literacy information and facts and services.

AID FIVE: Career Lien

Source: New York Talk about Department of Job

Career Zone is usually a career exploration along with planning system. Profession Zone has an appraisal activity that understands Holland Codes. Job Zone provides tips on 900 careers within the new O*NET List, the latest labor promote information from the NYS Department of Crews and interactive occupation portfolios for mid and high school students the fact that connect to the NYS Education Department Occupation Plan initiative. Employment Zone has links back to you to college exploration in addition to planning resources, 310 career videos, keep on builder, reference variety maker, and job cover letter application.

Resource Some: Destination 2020

Resource: Canada Career Régulateur

Destination 2020 may help youth discover how regular tasks can help these products build skills these need to face many challenges of the personnel.

Skills are known to cause:

School Subjects

Many other School Activities

Have fun Activities At Home

Internet home business

Through quizzes, hobbies and articles, they often actually find some reviews or, at least, your direction about their near future. There are more than 300 profiles of real persons who are describing thats day at work is definitely for them.

Resource Key: What Do You Like

Supply: Bureau of Hard work Statistics

What Do Appeals to you is the Bureau connected with Labor Statistics’ Vocation web site for kids. The web page provides career tips for students in Quantities 4 to 8. Using the Bureau of Toil Statistics, most of the components on the site has been adaptable from the Bureau’s Work-related Outlook Handbook, getting a role guidance publication meant for adults and leading level high school students which will describes the job chores, working conditions, exercise requirements, earnings stages, and employment prospective buyers of hundreds of jobs. Careers are equated to interests and hobbies. While in the Teacher’s Guide, there is twelve categories and the corresponding occupations.

Knowledge Career Clusters

Various organizations have created internet websites that feature scientific discipline careers.

Resource Six: EEK! Get a Job Eco Education for Kids

Origin: Wisconsin Department with Natural Resources

Eek! Get a Job Environmental Training for Kids is an automated magazine for kids around grades 4 to eight. Eek! Get a Job can provide information about:





Keep Ranger

Wildlife Biologist

Park Naturalist

There’s a job description from each career, a list of occupation activities, suggested functions to begin exploring opportunities, and needed position skills.

Resource In search of: GetTech

Source: Nationalized Association of Vendors, Center for Personnel Success, U. Beds. Department of Marketing, and U. Ring Department of Cooperate

Get Tech is known as a educational web site which offers CAREER EXPLORATION material.
Get Tech includes information about the following markets:

New Manufacturing


Engineering and Economic Technology

Biotechnology plus Chemistry

Health and Medical science

Arts & Structure

Within each vicinity, there are examples of employment.

Each career information gives:

General account


Number of people being used to job

Lots of jobs available in the actual

Place of work

Level of education requested

Location of training systems: University Pharmacy Systems.

Courses needed

You will find there’s Get Tech Teacher’s Guide.

Resource Twelve: LifeWorks

Source: Indigenous Institutes of Health and wellness, Office of Discipline Education

LifeWorks can be described as career exploration website online for middle and even high school students. LifeWorks has got information on more than 70 medical science together with health careers. For any career, LifeWorks comes with the following information:


Education required

Appeal area

Median wages

True stories of folks that do the different employment

LifeWorks has a Work Finder that allows you to browse by Name for Job, Interest Section, Education Required, or possibly Salary.

Resource 10: San Diego Zoo Position Profiles for Kids

Reference: San Diego Zoo

North park Zoo Job Background discussed jobs if you:

Work with animals

Assist plants

Work with knowledge and conservation

Refer to people

Work in order to run the Wildlife and Park

There is activities listed in each area, as an illustration:

What we do

What is trendy about this job

Profession challenges

How this unique job helps dogs

How to get a job of this nature

Practice Being a…

How to grow a…

Resource Twelve years old: Scientists in Action!

Supplier: U. S. Dept of the Interior

May in Action features summaries of the lives of individuals involved in careers on the natural sciences:

Mapping the planets

Selection the ocean bottom

Protecting wildlife

Foretelling of volcanic eruptions

Aid Twelve: Want To Be a good Scientist?

Source: Farming Research Service, You. S. Department within the Agriculture

Want To Be some Scientist is a employment exploration web site for children about 8 so that you can 13 years old. Should try to be a Scientist contains a series of job points, stories, and other methods about what scientists conduct here at the ARS.

These stories comprise of information about:

Plant Pathologist


Soil Researcher


Animal Science tecnistions


Plant Physiologist

Specific Science Jobs

The last group of webpages is dedicated to giving you information on specific discipline careers, for example vets,

Resource Thirteen: Around Veterinarians

Source: United states Veterinary Medical Union

About Veterinarians seems to have facts about:

What is a Vet?

Becoming a Veterinarian

Finding a job Decision

What Unique Abilities Does a Animal medical practitioner Need?

What Are the Pros and cons of a Veterinary Position?

Veterinary Education

Broad Information

After University From Veterinary The school

General Information

Class Statistics

Preparation Recommendations

Preveterinary Coursework

Which is where Most Schools Are Located

Pertaining to School Accreditation

The very Phases of Experienced Study

The Analysis and Curriculum

The Academic Working experience

Roles of Vets

Private Practice

Assisting and Research

Regulating Medicine

Public Health

Uniformed Services

Private Market place

Employment Outlook

Business Forecast

The Advantage of With expertise


Greatest Opportunity Growth Areas

Several other Professional Directions

AVMA Veterinary Career Hub

Becoming a Veterinary Technician

Your job in Veterinary Solutions

Duties and Assignments

Career Opportunities

Knowledge Required

Distance Learning


Professional Regulations

Financial concerns

Further Information

Resource About fourteen: Aquarium Careers

Base: Monterey Bay Tank

Aquarium Careers includes careers information. From each Staff Profiles, there is always Educational Background and Techniques Needed. The Staff Single members include:


Instruction Specialist

Exhibits Leaders

Exhibit Designer

Investigate Biologist

Science Creator

The Aquarium Employment opportunities web site answers this questions:

What must do now to put together for a career on marine biology?

In which can I find a good faculty for marine the field of biology?

What should be this is my college major?

How do you pick a graduate class?

I’m not sure about my area of interest. What precisely should I do?

Underwater Science Career Methods include information on:

Boat Advanced Technology Learning

Marine Mammal Hospital, California

Scripps Financial institution of Oceanography, Ohio

Scripps Library

Seaside Grant

Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Channel

State University of recent York at Rocky, flinty, pebbly Brook

Resource 13: Engineering The Precautionary Profession

Source: Locate Engineering

Engineering The main Stealth Profession provides extensive of information about fitters:

Types of Engineers

Favorable wind Engineering

Ceramic/Materials Archaeologist

Chemical Engineering

Civilizado Engineering

Electrical/Computer Technological innovation

Environmental Engineering

Conventional Engineering

Manufacturing Technological know-how

Mechanical Engineering

Various Engineers

True Successes


Education Requested

Work Schedules

Equipment Implemented

Resource Sixteen: Beach Grant Marine Opportunities

Source: Marine Employment

Sea Grant Water Careers gives you looking at marine career domains and to people inside those fields. Seashore Grant Marine Career outlines information on:

Submarine Biology


River Engineering

Related Domains

In each section, there is a detailed criteria of the type of the actual that the scientists can. There are feature successes for different scientists while in the career field.

Position profiles include informative data on:

What is your current profession and what does it include?

What was the key think about your career decision?

What / things you like most with your career?

What do appeals to you least about your vocation?

What do you do to relax?

Who’re your heroes/heroines?

Everything that advice would you produce a high school student exactly who expressed an interest for pursuing a career on your field?

Are work opportunities in your domain increasing or sluggish and why?

So what will you be working on 10 years from at present?

What is the salary spectrum?

Resource Seventeen: Can you Become a Volcanologist?

Form: Volcano World

Should you Become a Volcanologist? presents the following descriptions:

The news Volcanologist

Daily give good results

Traits for success



Career web-sites help you build understanding of the different aspects of career: the tasks, wages, position outlook, interests, degree, knowledge, and techniques. We know that you will be pleasure exploring careers.